Sunday, October 4, 2015

Archery Season Checklist

Anticipation is a common theme this time of year. Hunters all across the country are heading out into the field for another season. You might be reading this from a tree stand right now! It's not too late to make sure you are prepared for the season. No matter what you are hunting with your bow we have a quick and easy checklist that might just save the day.

Bow check - Sure, you have been shooting all summer. Tuning your set up to make the shot count. Before you put your bow in the case for your long awaited trip, give it a once over. Check all cables.Wax your string and make sure that you D loop and peep are secure. Give all mounting hardware a turn with the allen wrench. This will ensure you equipment stays together and that your bow is a quiet as possible at the shot. If you are traveling for your hunt, repeat these steps upon arrival. Take a few shots to ensure nothing has been moved or damaged during your trip

Mobile 911 Tuning Supplies - Every pack should have this! Extra string, peep, d loop material, serving and spare hardware.  I would highly recommend a BowMaster portable press. These take up little room and will really make a difference. If you are 7 miles from camp and something happens, be prepared. If you are hunting out of state, these are a must. You have spent the time and money, don't let a cut string ruin a hunt.

Extra Batteries - Check your batteries and carry a few extras for your GPS, RangeFinder and anything else you are counting on. There is no worse feeling that sitting in a tree with a dead range finder. 

ChapStick - Yep I said it. You are just about to put your face in the elements. Harsh sun, hot winds, cold winds, snow, rain, dust and the dirt. Having chapped lips a few days into a week long hunt can really bring you down. Pack it!

Extra Release - If you shoot a release pack an extra! If you drop or break your release you are out of luck! Keep a spare release and use it from time to time, enough to break it in. New releases can feel like a brand new baseball glove, not comfortable! This one is often overlooked.

- First Aid - We know you have it packed. Did you pack the small things like tweezers or finger nail clippers? Once again a small object that could make a huge difference in your physical and emotional state.

- Scent Free Wipes - If you are spending a long weekend or a week in camp, these are a must! Staying comfortable and clean can make a world of difference. Your hunting buddies will appreciate it too!

For some the season might be a week and for others it might be upwards of 100 days. Regardless of how much time you have to hunt this year, make it count. We hope you find these simple yet easily overlooked tips are useful this season.

Good luck and safe hunting to all of our fellow hunters. Remember, its all about the chase......