Monday, June 29, 2015

ScoutLook Weather App - Best $1.99 you can spend!

Technology has taken us places we never thought possible. While I can do without a lot of it, there are certain things I've embraced, especially in regards to hunting and strategy.

A few weeks ago I downloaded an app on my iPhone called ScoutLook Weather App. The application cost me $1.99. Note -- I rarely spend money on apps!

I read through the description and a few reviews and thought what the heck, I'll give it a go.

Wow! I am impressed to say the least. The application is incredible. As a deer hunter, wind direction is a major challenge I face any time I step in the woods. I have found myself in the past moving stands based on wind direction, even after I have been in the tree for an hour or so.

With ScoutLook I am able to view wind directions at my current location or specific stand locations I have preset.

It's not just for the deer woods either!

My favorite part is I can view the wind direction by hour. Maybe a set I planned to hunt has a bad wind in the morning, but it changes later in the day. It really takes a lot of the guess work out of my game plan.

I have tested the wind direction in seven different stand locations and each time it has been 100% accurate! I was floored. I've even tested when out and about and it has been spot on.

The best part is I can view the forecasted wind directions for up to 72 hours!

My other favorite features include current, hourly and 7 day weather forecast. These show you sunrise and sunset times along with the moon phase.

With the money you can spend on equipment these days, I think it is safe to say this is an incredible tool for just a couple bucks... who knows, it might be just what you need to make the right call at the right time and get a shot at a buck of a lifetime.

It's all about the chase.........

Monday, June 1, 2015

ChaseDeer365 - Tight Spot Quiver

Its seems like more than ever we are bombarded with product advertisements and must have gear adds. I realize that the sport of archery is a business and a way of life for many people. With that said, it sure is frustrating to make a purchase with your hard earned money only for it not to function as advertised.

Hopefully our gear review will be helpful to anyone who is looking to add to or update their gear this season.

 Tight Spot Quiver

I've only used a few different quivers over the years. Most recently the Mathews T5 and the Alpine 5 arrow quiver. Anytime I go for new gear I ask myself one question, "will this help me be a better deer hunter". That might sound a little cheesy to most but I truly believe each piece of equipment I carry into the woods should increase my odds in some way.

I had a few things in mind when I started my search for a new quiver this year. One, I really wanted a quiver that was quiet. My only complaint I had with the Mathews quiver was noise from arrows slapping together after the shot. I also needed something lightweight. Lastly I needed the quiver to work seamlessly with my Hogg Father. I don't care for additional brackets or adapters.

The first thing that stood out to me was how easy it was to take off my bow. I was able to do this quietly and with one hand, huge plus! The hood was solid and the new rubber insert seemed much more durable vs traditional foam.

I also noticed that I could adjust the quiver depending on the diameter of the arrows I'm shooting.

 The Tight Spot also gives 14" of adjustability to move the hood up or down (great for longer arrows).

I mounted the quiver on my sight and away I went to the backyard. After a few shots and a few adjustments I was quickly becoming a fan. The quiver was very quiet. I wasn't getting any vibration or noise from my other arrows.

 Note the bracket can be mounted facing left or right. If you mount to your sight as pictured above it will allow for clearance with your dovetail sight. If mounted the other direction the quiver will mount even closer to the riser. I prefer to sacrifice the minimal spacing and have full functionality of my dovetail sight, specifically for storage. The quiver still mounts closer to the bow than any quiver I have used.

The adjustability and function of this quiver is incredible. It is apparent that countless hours of testing went in to making the quiver fit as close to the limbs and riser as possible. I'm not sure I can say it makes me shoot better, maybe time will tell. I do know I will no longer be afraid of my quiver making noise after the shot. 

Key Takeaways :

The quiver is incredibly quiet and lightweight (10.05oz)
Easy to take on and off
Rubber hood will last longer than me!
No more dull blades or foam replacements
Useful adjustments
Sturdy and durable

Stay tuned for more updates and reviews on must have gear for this deer season!

 It's all about the chase............