Wednesday, April 1, 2015

DirtNap Gear Broadheads

One thing that remains consistent with my approach to archery hunting is the desire to improve.

I am always looking for ways to better my chances in a sport that is incredibly challenging.

Oftentimes you read other enthusiasts opinions on which pieces of their gear is most important. Well, we don't have enough time to hash this topic out. All I know is without an effective broadhead your chances of success go from slim to none.

Here are a few of the reasons why I and several of my close hunting partners have chosen to shoot D.R.T DirtNap Gear broadheads.

1.) Accuracy - I am a huge tuning fan. No broadhead should ever take the place of a well-tuned bow. With that said, the DRT heads fly better than any head I have ever shot. I was slapping arrows and busting knocks my first few shots. This continued back to 50 yards. They fly like darts PERIOD.

2.) Penetration - These DRT heads like to go through things.... All the way. In testing, the DRT vs the Muzzy 3 Blade and the Rage Hypodermic the DRT won every time. I encourage you to try one for yourself! That's right! This company unlike many others will allow you to purchase one head to try for yourself. You might as well order a pack or two but just for you skeptics it's an option.

* Testing was preformed with 71 lbs, 28' Draw Length, 27 3/4" Arrow, 410 grn Arrow

3.) Warranty - This one is simple. Directly from the DirtNap Gear web site: "If you break, bend or have a problem with the ANY PART of our broadheads, send it to us and we will replace it."

4.) Durability - DRT broadheads aren't cheap and flimsy. I am still using the same broadhead I started with. It has taken down big game, small game and some trees and rocks too.

5.) M.W.S - Say what? The "Modular Weight System" sets this broadhead apart from the rest of the pack. All DRT heads come as 100 grain broadheads. They include the 25 grain module that easy threads between your arrow on the broadhead. This allows for some flexibility with tuning, FOC and spine selection. I plan to use the 100 grains for whitetail this season and 125 grains for elk. Can't wait!

6.) The People - Tom and Robin personally test, mail and package every DRT head shipped. They have put a lot in to creating a great company and an incredible product. They believe in their product and stand behind it 100% ... Anymore, that's hard to find!

I challenge anyone who is looking to improve their success to give DirtNap Gear broadheads a try. They fly true and punish with zero forgiveness.


This broadhead will eliminate long tracking jobs... If you enjoy long frustrating walks and plan to use a DRT head.... take up golf.

Below is the whitetail I took last season. I was sitting in a tree 21 feet off the ground. This deer was only 16 yards from the base of my tree. She was in a drainage that sloped down putting her close to 30 ft below me. The distance was pretty easy but the angle made me think twice. Of course my arrow passed through and she piled up within sight.

If you are setting out for the woods, a tree stand, a ground blind or the hills, I would highly recommend you consider putting some DirtNap Gear broadheads in your quiver. If you try them you will see first hand how true they fly. Good luck to everyone in 2014!

It's all about the chase......