Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Mathews Inc Announces No Cam ST Technology

Love them or hate them, Mathews has been one of the leaders in compound hunting bows for many years.  With a spot at the top of the archery world comes criticism and high standards.

It is no secret that Mathews has caught a significant amount of heat for lackluster releases and more of the same when releasing new flagship bows. Many have said "they are done", "they have been caught", or "focus on making guitars full time".....

All opinions aside the announcement made last night at 12am has the archery world buzzing. Early reports are positive from even the critics. Mathews No Cam technology is simple yet revolutionary.

If you are a Mathews fan or not it is fair to say the company needed something big. They needed a huge change, something to make waves. Archers were asking for more speed, longer Axle to Axle and more.

Without shooting the bow the only grade we can give Mathews is based on the level of excitement from social media and forums.  So far, so good.

In all four bows were announced, three specific to target and one geared towards the hunter.

Specs of the HTR 

Brace Height 6 5/8"
Draw Weight 50, 60 & 70 lbs
Bow Weight 4.14
Let-off 65%, 75%, 85%
Draw Lengths 24-30"  Half Sizes 24.5-29.5"
String/Cable String: 59 7/8" Cable: 37 5/8"
Riser Length 28.92"
IBO Rating up to 330 fps
Axle-to-Axle 32"
MSRP $1,099

If you are looking for a new bow I would highly recomend shooting as many different bows as possible!

Find out more about No Cam technology at Mathews Inc

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