Saturday, August 1, 2015

ChaseDeer365 - Primos Neoprene Bow Sling

No matter if you are heading to a tree stand in Wisconsin to hunt whitetail deer, or the Rocky Mountains in Colorado to hunt elk, a bow sling is a must. I will admit that wasn't always my feeling. In fact this will be the first year I will be using one personally.

I have mentioned previously my goal is to improve my hunting experience year after year. As I reviewed each hunt from the 2014 season a few things stood out.

One area that I had trouble with in 2014 was getting to my stand with all my gear, especially when hunting solo. I am a big advocate for entering smart into the deer woods. On one occasion I carried, Lone Wolf sticks, a stand, a Boss Buck decoy and my bow. Looking back now, that was just stupid. I made a lot of noise and worked up a pretty good sweat.

With that in mind I set out for a good quality bow sling with a few specifics in mind. I wanted something that would protect my bow, and would be easy and quiet to remove quickly.
I already have my day pack, so storage wasn't something I needed.

After looking at a few slings I cam across a new version of the Primos sling. I guess I am a sucker because the bold words "NEOPRENE BOW SLING" caught my eye initially.
The packaging claimed to offer significant protection and appeared to be simple.

2013 Primos Neoprene Bow Sling

The sling was a breeze to put on for the first time. I shoot a 30" ATA bow and it slipped on easy and fit really snug.  I was concerned that the sling might be a little loose since it had the ability to adjust out for bows up to 38" ATA. Not the case!

There are clips on both ends to secure the bow around the cam as well as two snap clips to secure your string and cable. The shoulder strap was also easy to adjust to my liking. 

The buckles near the cams are covered with neoprene which makes them really quiet, no loud clicks!

My 2014 whitetail season wont begin until October 1st, so I can't say this is truly field tested. I can say that I have already enjoyed using it at the range.  I also like the fact that I can leave the sling on my bow  when I put it in my case.  

For $30 this sling will provide protection for my cam, string and cable.  That in it self is worth it to me. I am more excited to use this in the deer woods. I know this will help me enter the woods and get to my stand location quietly and still allow me to glass if needed or carry other gear. 

Key Takaways:
Easy to take on and off
Neoprene is durable and quiet
Protection for cams and string
Walk into the woods handsfree

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