Sunday, January 6, 2013

2012 Big Buck "Top 10" - "Curl Drop"

A perfect reminder of how spending time in the stand can pay off and pay off big!

Brian had a few years of history with this buck. The deer started with a deformed rack and was even considered to be a buck that should be shot for that reason. The following year he corrected and was a solid 140" with a slit brow. In 2011 Brian had him at 18 yards and decided to pass at the last second.... Good choice!!

In 2012 Brain hunted this deer for 42 days straight. He had four different encounters and finally on November 8th, he got it done! Talk about commitment....

The Mathews Monster 7 connected at 32 yards and that was that.

With two drop tines and 42" of mass this buck green scored at just over 180".

Congratulations Brian!

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