Monday, January 7, 2013

2012 Big Buck "Top 10" - "Brutus #2"

With three years of history chasing this buck Logan was all in. His season was dedicated to following and hunting this buck. 

Knowing this mature deer was going to be a tough one to fool, he kept his distance until the rut was in full swing.  On November 2nd Logan had an encounter with "Brutus" but was unable to get a shot. He knew this was his chance and needed to make a move.

Rather than move his set he decided to take in a new stand and push the envelope. Smart choice! On November 3rd the three year journey for the buck known as "Brutus" came to an end.  The Mathews Z7 and Slick Tricks got it done at 38 yards.

It was only fitting that a few days after Logan shot his buck a major winter storm named Brutus was headed his way.

Congratulations on a great buck!

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