Sunday, January 27, 2013

2012 Big Buck "Top 10"

The poll is closed! You have cast your votes and crowned the Top 10!

When I look at all the deer included in this contest, it is really hard for me to say that one is better than the other. Each story brings a different line, a different sense of accomplishment. 

Through all the states involved and all the stories and pictures submitted, one thing is clear. We are all very blessed to have family and friends to support us and the passion we share for hunting deer. It is an incredible privilege to participate in this sport among so many great people.

Thank you to everyone who participated in the contest and thank you to those of you who voted and supported these hunters.

A huge thanks to our great sponsors as well! (please make sure to thank them too!)

I can't wait for next year. Remember, it's all about the chase.......


And now for the "Top 10"

Congratulations to the 2012 Big Buck "Top 10" winners!!

Michael Charlton of PA takes first place honors in this year's competition.

Michael embodies everything ChaseDeer365 is about. He spent countless hours scouting and practicing. He set specific goals and knew his standards for a shooter buck.

Here is a great write up summarizing Michaels hunt and season.

1st - Pennsylvania 10 Point - Michael 
2nd - Early Rut Giant - Brian 
3rd - Bryce's Muley - Bryce 
4th - Brutus 2 - Logan 
5th - Early Season Waltz - Ricky 
6th - Iowas Public Land 170 - Steve 
7th - Iowa Vacation - Matt 
8th - Ohio Birthday Buck - Larry 
9th - Big WI 10 - Roger 
10th - Splitter - Mike

Note to winners: Please make sure to send your contact information along with your shipping address to

Thanks and congrats again!

Friday, January 25, 2013

"Top 10" - The Voting Begins!!!!

The Top 25 Bucks have been chosen! It is now time for you to vote and ultimately decide the "Top 10."

We hope you enjoy these awesome bucks and great stories as much as we have!

What's in it for the winners?!

1st Place - Custom string and cable set, compliments of VaporTrail Archery
1st - 5th Place - Custom braided wrist sling, compliments of BlingSling (XforceGirl)
1st - 10th Place - $25 Onestringer gift certificate, compliments of Onestringer Custom Arrow Wraps
1st - 10th Place - True Shot Coach, compliments of Don't Choke Archery

Voting is open now through Thursday, January 24rd at 8pm MST. You can vote one time daily! Tell your family and friends! The winners will be announced Friday, January 25th.

Make sure you "like" the ChaseDeer365 Facebook page to stay up-to-date with the contest and future events!

Now it's time to VOTE!

Each of the Top 25 bucks is listed below (click on name to see story and pictures).

                     Double Trouble - Zack
                     Ali - Beau
                     Early Season Waltz - Ricky
                     Beefy T - Chris
                     Pennsylvania 10 Point - Michael
                     Ohio Birthday Buck - Larry 
                     Oklahoma Drop - Shane
                     Public Land Giant - Bridger
                     173" Giant - Ears
                     December Drop - Jamie
                     Buffalo County - Mike Bahr
                     Brutus 2 - Logan

To vote, use the poll below to select the buck of your choice and then click the "Vote" button. Remember, you can vote once per day!

Vote for the buck you think is worthy of the "Top 10" title free polls 

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Sponsor Spotlight - VaporTrail Archery .....Quit Your Crying

We are excited to announce VaporTrail Archery as a sponsor of the 2012 "Big Buck Top 10"

Much like our other three sponsors, VaporTrail Archery was founded on the best products in the industry and leading customer service.

As you are well aware by now, the first place winner in this year's contest will receive a custom string and cable set, compliments of VaporTrail Archery.

What can the winner expect from VaporTrail? Well for starters, their VTX strings and cables have a break in period of under 10 shots. They are made of a proprietary material similar to 452x. The difference is the consistency and stability in charging weather conditions we often find ourselves in as hunters. There's no need to worry about string stretch or serving separation either!

The quality of their product is amazing and their customer service is even better.

With over 300 color combinations and guaranteed three day shipping, you can't go wrong!

Check out VaporTrail Archery today!

Vaportrail Archery | 1333 154th Ave. NE | Ham Lake, MN 55304
Phone: 763-862-8870

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Sponsor Spotlight - Bling Sling by Hunt'n'Shak

We are excited to announce Bling Sling by Hunt'n'Shak as a sponsor of the 2012 Big Buck "Top 10."

There is no better way to add a custom touch to your hunting or target bow than to add a one-of-a-kind wrist sling! I can speak with first hand experience as a customer that the crew at Hunt'n'Shak is a good as it gets!

For those of you who have ordered a custom sling in the past, you are probably used to a minimum of a two week turnaround time. Considering what goes into making a custom sling with 4 different colors, that seems about right. Well you wont get that with Bling Sling!

I set out to order a custom sling a few months back to match my Mathews Helim. I was trying to keep the bow primarily camo, but wanted to add some bright colors. I contacted Marcy and explained the colors I was working with currently. I had already looked over a ton of slings on their site and had a pretty good idea of what they offered. Marcy was great, she responded quickly and gave me a few examples of what she could do. Within 6 days I had the exact custom sling I requested in my mail box! I was blown away!

I highly recommend you check out the Hunt'n'Shak site and take a look at the Bling Sling options and colors. Ordering is fast and easy. The quality is second to none and their customer service is top notch.

Bling Sling has partnered with us to give away five custom made wrist slings to the Top 5 bucks in our "Big Buck Top 10" contest!

Good luck!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

2012 Big Buck "Top 10" - The Official Top 25!!!

Well, here we are! The contest is closed and the Top 25 have been chosen!

I want to thank all of you who took the time to share your 2012 pictures and stories. They symbolize countless hours of scouting, practice and hard work.

I also want to thank our amazing sponsors. They have offered up some awesome prizes for the winners. Make sure you take the time to check them out!

Voting for the Top 10 will begin on Wednesday, January 16th. It will be open through Wednesday, January 23rd at 8pm MST. The winners will be officially announced on Friday, January 25th.

The vote will be conducted as a poll and you will be allowed to vote once per day. The more you share with family and friends the better!

Congratulations to the following hunters for being selected as this year's Top 25!

Curl Drop - Brian      
Splitter - Mike      
Ohio Mass - Andrew
Iowa Vacation - Matt    
Early Rut Giant - Brian  
Big WI 10 - Roger
2011 Pass - Please submit name
Bryce's Muley - Bryce
Wisconsin 14 pt - Cary
Iowa Public Land 170 - Steve
Kansas Stud - Stephen
Halloween Redemption - Scott
Hay Blind Giant - Please submit name
Double Trouble - Zack
Ali - Beau
Waltz - Ricky
Beefy T - Chris
Pennsylvania 10 pt - Michael
Ohio Birthday Buck - Larry
Oklahoma Drop - Shane
Public Land Giant
173" Giant - Ears
December Drop - Jamie
Buffalo County - Mike Bahr
Brutus 2 - Logan

If you see your buck listed with no name, please submit your name and the picture of your deer as a confirmation to

Monday, January 14, 2013

2012 Big Buck "Top 10" - "Home Cooking"

Someday I hope to have the chance to take a buck off a piece of dirt that I own myself!

Congratulations Kelly on taking a great buck on your own land.

Love the wide sweeping beams!

Sunday, January 13, 2013

2012 Big Buck "Top 10" - "2011 Pass"

I am amazed at the number of deer killed this year, that could have been killed last year! It takes self control and patience to pass on a decent buck.

On November 7th this guy came in chasing a doe. Last year he got the pass, this year, not so lucky!

Congratulations to the hunter on a great buck with incredible character! 

2012 Big Buck "Top 10" - "November 6th"

Mike made a perfect 15 yard shot on this beautiful buck. The Bowtech did the trick!

The buck scored just over 149"

Congratulations Mike!

2012 Big Buck "Top 10" - "December Drop"

I am beginning to think I should start to put as much focus into late season hunting as I do into Rut hunting. I am really enjoying these late season giants!!

Jamie was able to put an arrow through his second drop tine buck in three seasons on a late season December hunt. The Mathews DXT and Rage combo made for a short tracking job.

While Jamie hasn't had the buck scored, let the picture do the talking!

Congratulations on a great buck Jamie!

2012 Big Buck "Top 10" - "Buffalo County"

How many times do you find yourself set up and everything seems just right..... Only for the wind to change!

Mike was set up at the bottom of a valley and was just about to pack up and change locations when a lone doe walked by. He knew it would be a matter of seconds before she caught his wind. To his surprise she continued on with no concern. Mikes new scent elimination product worked!

A few minutes later this guy showed up following her trail. Mike made a perfect shot with the Mathews Drenalin.

This big bodied buck scored just over 159"!

Congratulations Mike on a great buck!

2012 Big Buck "Top 10" - "Youngster"

I love to see pictures like the one below. This 13 year old has a support staff behind him that appears to have just won the lottery!

Don't let the young looks fool you! This little fella has taken 16 deer!

Congratulations on a great public land buck!!

Saturday, January 12, 2013

2012 Big Buck "Top 10" - "Ohio Mass"

Talk about MASS! Andrew was lucky enough to find one side of this bucks shed the year before.

It never fails that each year we see a few giants fall in the late season.

The deer scored just over 202"!! Congratulation Andrew on a buck of a lifetime!

Monday, January 7, 2013

2012 Big Buck "Top 10" - "Brutus #2"

With three years of history chasing this buck Logan was all in. His season was dedicated to following and hunting this buck. 

Knowing this mature deer was going to be a tough one to fool, he kept his distance until the rut was in full swing.  On November 2nd Logan had an encounter with "Brutus" but was unable to get a shot. He knew this was his chance and needed to make a move.

Rather than move his set he decided to take in a new stand and push the envelope. Smart choice! On November 3rd the three year journey for the buck known as "Brutus" came to an end.  The Mathews Z7 and Slick Tricks got it done at 38 yards.

It was only fitting that a few days after Logan shot his buck a major winter storm named Brutus was headed his way.

Congratulations on a great buck!

Sunday, January 6, 2013

2012 Big Buck "Top 10" - "Curl Drop"

A perfect reminder of how spending time in the stand can pay off and pay off big!

Brian had a few years of history with this buck. The deer started with a deformed rack and was even considered to be a buck that should be shot for that reason. The following year he corrected and was a solid 140" with a slit brow. In 2011 Brian had him at 18 yards and decided to pass at the last second.... Good choice!!

In 2012 Brain hunted this deer for 42 days straight. He had four different encounters and finally on November 8th, he got it done! Talk about commitment....

The Mathews Monster 7 connected at 32 yards and that was that.

With two drop tines and 42" of mass this buck green scored at just over 180".

Congratulations Brian!