Friday, November 30, 2012

Hunters Specialties Raspy Old Hen Giveaway!

ChaseDeer365 is excited to announce another great giveaway!!

Like many deer hunters, we like to chase around the birds once the deer tags are filled.
Up for grabs is a Hunters Specialties Raspy Old Hen Pan Call and Double Reed Diaphragm.

The Raspy Old Hen allows hunters to produce a wide range of turkey sounds, from soft yelps to loud excited cutting. It has a custom molded pan for outstanding consistency. It includes a carbon striker and the Raspy Old Hen Premium Flex™ diaphragm call, which features two reeds with a double split top reed for extra rasp and volume.

Here is how to enter:

1.) "Like" our page on Facebook and share with your friends and family!

2.) Comment below and let us know what state you will be hunting turkeys in during the 2013 season!? Are you going after the gobblers with a bow or gun?!?!

The drawing will take place December 10th! Good luck!

2012 Big Buck "Top 10" - "Hay Blind Giant"

This buck has it all... long beams.... huge inside spread and mass carried throughout!

Aged at 7.5 this brute was taken from a self made hay blind! He grossed 183 5/8"

Congratulations to the lucky hunter!

Thursday, November 29, 2012

2012 Big Buck "Top 10" - "Double Trouble"

Timing is everything when it comes to out smarting a whitetail. There is nothing more rewarding than making a plan, sticking to it and having it pay off! Zack did just that on October 30th this year during the West Virginia bow season.

A cold front was on it's way so he knew it would be the perfect opportunity. The day after 23 inches of snow "Double Trouble" showed up and came in to 17 yards. The Z7x Tactical and Rage did him in!

Congratulation Zack!

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

2012 Big Buck "Top 10" - "Ali"

There is nothing better than having a few years of history with a buck you are targeting.

Beau had three years of trail camera pictures of this amazing Kentucky whitetail. In many of the pictures the buck was sparing with other buck thus the name "Ali" came about.

The deer is a mainframe 10 point with 7 additional points measuring just over 180"

Congratulations Beau on a great hunt, awesome footage and one big buck!

2012 Big Buck "Top 10" - Early Season "Waltz"

After watching this buck all summer long Ricky named him "Waltz." He knew come bow season they would have a chance to dance!!

On September 2nd they did just that! The Mathews MR7 and Ulmer Edge broadheads dropped him in his tracks! With over 7" bases and 27" main beams this beautiful Kentucky buck grossed 162 1/4"

Congratulations Ricky on a great buck!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

2012 Big Buck "Top 10" - Illinois Brute

This awesome Illinois buck was taken on November 3rd.

The BowTech Insanity and NAP Killzone did the trick at 43 yards, with a 50 yard recovery!

 Congrats Justin on one heck of a season! The buck grossed at 151"

Saturday, November 24, 2012

2012 Big Buck "Top 10" - 1st Bow Kill

Congratulations Jordan on your first ever bow kill! Talk about starting big!

 This buck scored just over 146" inches! The Hoyt / Rage combo does it again! Awesome!

2012 Big Buck "Top 10" - "Brutus"

"Brutus" After two years of hard work this lucky hunter finally got it done! 167" non typical! Congrats!

Thursday, November 22, 2012

2012 Big Buck "Top 10" - Pennsylvania 10 Point

Another Pennsylvania stud! This beautiful 10 point was taken on 11/9/2012 with a Bowtech Destroyer 340. Nothing like a 40 yard shot and a 60 yard recovery! Grim Reaper style!

The buck measured just over 161", with an incredible 20.5" inside spread!!

Congratulations Michael!

Monday, November 19, 2012

2012 Big Buck "Top 10" - Ohio Birthday Buck

Talk about a birthday present!

This Ohio hunter connected on this buck on his birthday, October 27th! A 30 yard shot closed the deal! This 13 point scored at 175 4/8! Congrats!

2012 Big Buck "Top 10" - Western PA Brute

Western PA gets in the game! Great buck taken on October 8th! Congrats on your first archery buck! A 275lb brute scoring just over 148"!!

Sunday, November 18, 2012

2012 Big Buck "Top 10" - Oklahoma Drop!

Them Oklahoma boys know how to get it done! Two in a row with drop! ! 180 4/8 inch archery kill! Congrats!

2012 Big Buck "Top 10" - Public Land Giant

Talk about a PUBLIC LAND monster! Nothing like an hour and forty five minutes on the canoe to get to your spot!

Taken in October at 40 yards! The deer grossed just over 175" ... Who doesn't love a drop tine??!!

Saturday, November 17, 2012

2012 Big Buck "Top 10" - 173" Giant!

Entires for the 2012 Big Buck "Top 10" are pouring in! Keep them coming!!

This guy was taken on 11/7/12 at 43 yards! scored at 173"! Huge! 

Friday, November 16, 2012

2012 Big Buck "Top 10" - Enter Now!

The 2012 Big Buck "Top 10" is underway!

Now through the end of 2012 we will be collecting trophy pics from all over the country! The better the photo, the better the story, the better the chance!

Each day I will add submitted trophies to our Facebook page and blog.

After the submission period ends, we will narrow it down to our top 25 trophy picks. At this point it will be on you, the readers, to vote for our official "Top 10."

Submit your pictures and stories to or via the ChaseDeer365 Facebook page.

Don't forget to include the following:
Date of hunt
State of hunt
Gross score
Your hunting set up (bow/gun/accessories)

Please feel free to include any details that make your trophy stand out. Bring on the long winded stories!

If you make it in the "Top 10" I can promise one thing -- bragging rights until next year!

Remember .... It's all about the chase!